Liberty City

Liberty City is the first place where you buy vehicles. It has 20 districts: Ardler, Brix, Brocklyn, Brocklyn Docks, Eaglewood, Estoria, Fort Law, Guernsey City, Guernsey Docks, Hackenslash, Island City, Island Heights, Island View, Kings, Law Island, Nixon Island, Nolaw, Park, Schlechberg and Tellberg.


This is a part of the district Hackenslash, in the north-west of Liberty City. We can see the end of the 6-lanes-highway that connects Hackenslash with Island City and Estoria.


This Fort Law, with its small park crossed by the urban train.


This is South Park, with the 4 telephone booths in the south and we can see a tiny bit of Nixon Island in the southeast.

The other two cities that have opened car markets are San Andreas and Vice City.

The best-sellers have their own pages: Bug Model B Club and Bulldog Club.

All car sales sessions are stored at this datafile: Car Sales.


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